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    Newbie Question Here. HELP!!!
    Ive recently started in the affiliate marketing field. However i've hit a bit of a road block in trying to find leads to publishers with good traffic
    that may be interested in running some of my offers.

    Anyone else have or had the same issue and how did you overcome this dilemma??

    I appreciate anything that is said. Hope to hear from some people.

    Thank You, have a great week.

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    Anyone who has ever managed a program has run into this challenge.

    If you are with a network, they should be able to help you identify good affiliates (yes, one strong way that networks earn their override). If you are choosing to do it yourself, the road will be more difficult, as you have no reputation to encourage affiliates to work with you, and the good ones won't spend time promoting your program. You need a track record to prove that your site converts, a reliable tracking system, well designed creative which encourages clicks from qualified buyers. If your product is niche, that will be even harder. Dangling a large commission rate isn't going to do it, because unless you have the right foundation, 75% of $0 is still $0.

    Perhaps you'll attend some conferences, and meet the right affiliates there. This is definitely a business based on strong personal relationships.

    There are many threads on here discussing how affiliates want to be contacted and how to find the good ones. There are no shortcuts to recruiting, no single path to success. You are going to have to spend the time learning how to do this and learning what works in your industry by trial and error.

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    One way you can find affiliates is searching for product reviews on google and youtube and contacting that people and asking them if they are willing to participate in your program.

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    consultation from google youtube and from shoppers,

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