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    Is this Viable?
    Hi There

    Could anyone let me know (especially in the UK) if there is anyone out there actually making a full time living at affiliate marketing.

    I have been interested in affiliate marketing for quite some time. However whenever I research the subject online I am constantly met by people claiming they are making a 6 figure sum per year. But are always very vague about what this sum is. They always seem to be selling some kind of course detailing how they did it. My fear is the reason that they are making any money at all is that they are selling these courses.

    Now I am not really interested in making a six figure sum per year but would love to be able to make enough where I could work for myself and hopefully spend some time with my wife and kids whist not starving to death.

    I am willing to work my guts out but do not want to throw all my attention and effort at something that will be completely fruitless.

    Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks in advance.


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    Yes, Terzian, it is viable, but you're going to need to do the work yourself rather than believing you can buy a course. You are right, they are making their money from selling the courses - I call them the "Big Check Guys" cause they usually once got a big cardboard check from some so a picture could be taken of the huge amount they made, probably sometime in the early 2000's at best.

    What you need to do is study yourself, not look for a course or for shortcuts. It doesn't happen overnight - it takes time and effort. The best news is that there are numerous threads on this forum that you can study and read for free. The threads will teach you the basics about site design, choosing a merchant, promotion, SEO, using discount codes, finding a site topic or approach, and all the other things that are part of the process. Remember - NO SHORTCUTS, which is just what all those courses promise. There are a huge number of well-respected blogs and podcasts which talk about strategies; there are threads on ABW discussing those as well. Start following the leaders on Twitter or their FB pages, see what they are posting on LinkedIn. Read, study, and don't be afraid to do your first site - that will be your training site so don't be disappointed if it doesn't take off right away (or at all), because it will be a wonderful education for you.

    You've got the right attitude that you are willing to work hard - that will help you become a success.

    And yes, you can indeed be a success in the UK. My network's head office is based there, and we have tens of thousands of quite successful affiliates who live there. Best wishes on your quest. Once you've gained the foundation by doing some studying, we're always here to help you with specific questions. We just won't respond to general questions, because general knowledge is your part in the process.

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    Hi JCrooks

    Thank you for your kind response. It is very heartening to hear from a real affiliate who has made it work.

    Time to start planning and building my site.

    Thanks again.


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