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Thread: November 2015 Update

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    November 2015 Update
    Read on our blog.

    Here are the key features from the month of November:

    Not too late to win a Team Brunch – Show us your Holiday Spirit through Dec 11

    Do you want to win a team brunch? If you answered YES to this question, you and your team should enter our Holiday Competition! To enter, take a team selfie, upload and tag Affiliate Window on Twitter or Facebook. The deadline has been extended to December 11th, so don’t miss out!

    Affiliate Marketing Rocketing in the US: Supplement by PerformanceIN

    Affiliate marketing offers one of the most compelling and effective marketing solutions for brands, although is still one of the smallest marketing channels in the US. Is the pre-existing negative stigma of the channel to blame? Lack of education about affiliate marketing? What about the struggles of compliance laws and global expansion? To answer this question, Affiliate Window partnered with PerformanceIn to provide insight into the US affiliate market.

    Loot Crate’s Program Goes Global with Affiliate Window

    Loot Crate, a leading monthly subscription box service for gamers, geeks and fans of pop culture, has partnered with global performance marketing network Affiliate Window to exclusively launch its international affiliate program. Recognizing performance marketing is an important stream in a long-term strategy, Loot Crate will be utilizing Affiliate Window’s technology and expertise in the channel to expand its product lines to larger, international markets.

    White paper: Black Friday – a global phenomenon?

    Black Friday has in almost of a blink of an eye disrupted the British retail landscape. But what of our European neighbors and those countries beyond this continent? As a part of the largest performance marketing network in Europe, we collated 2014 data from across the zanox Group in order to understand which countries embraced Black Friday, or were likely to in 2015.

    Affiliate Window launches new interface for coupons and promotions

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new coupons and promotions interface for advertisers and publishers. This brand new area of the Affiliate Window interface will change the way advertisers manage their promotions, as well as make it easier to distribute coupons and promotions to publishers.

    Best Plugin for Bloggers? Vote for MyAW & Convert-A-Link for WordPress

    Planning work on your blog can be challenging enough, with adding content, managing the layout and aesthetics, as well as building relationships with other bloggers and responding to readers. Monetizing your content on top of these tasks can be daunting and time-consuming, which is why Affiliate Window created two useful plugins to help make affiliate marketing super easy for bloggers. The Performance Marketing Association’s (PMA) Publisher Recruitment Council is looking to feature the best blogger plugins and want to hear from you. We would be grateful if you could consider nominating our solutions as top plugins for bloggers here.

    Webinar: Pitching for Assist Payments

    Our Head of Publisher Services Edwyn McFarlane hosted a webinar offering guidance on how to make a sound business case, what rates to ask for, and most importantly how to demonstrate that long term investment, (by paying for assists) to the right publisher (i.e. you!), can add the diversity to their affiliate program that they so often crave.

    Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 and Part 2

    HO HO HO! No, that’s not Santa calling, its Affiliate Window cheering about our merchants’ unbelievable promotions this holiday season! With the holidays quickly approaching, Affiliate Window wants to prepare your readers for the busy shopping season. Whether gifting for friends and family, co-workers or neighbors, Affiliate Window advertisers have presents for every holiday, celebration, age and price. From romantic getaways and sporting tickets, to winter fashion and accessories, your readers will be sure to find gifts for everyone on their list!

    Case Study: Affiliate Channel Optimization through Advanced Data

    The diverse publisher landscape is one of the key benefits of the channel but it can also present a challenge to some brands. With a broad range of publisher types, each offering reach into a unique community of customers, with different purchase intentions and behaviors, how can advertisers analyze and track incrementality across multiple partners?

    New launches:

    We would love to partner with you on these newly welcomed advertisers on our network:

    6648 Dekanta (US)

    6670 Loot Crate (Global)

    6694 Zuma Office Supply (US)

    6739 My Geek Box (US)

    6708 EZ Prints (Global)

    6607 GearBest (Global)

    6692 2Modern (US)

    6674 QickPick (US)

    6371 Swagbucks (US & CA)

    6658 Tous (Global)

    Tax Update

    Vermont has officially implemented click through nexus to begin on December 1st now that 15 other states have implemented it, triggering the law’s threshold. Florida is specifically considering sales tax on internet flower sales. Oklahoma brick & mortar stores have formed the Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association in part to push an online sales tax agenda. Michigan has released guidance on their affiliate nexus tax legislation. Tennessee is expanding their tax code to include web-based software. Discussions are beginning in Wyoming, Florida and Kentucky about an online sales tax. Meanwhile there is little movement at the federal level though eBay is has new concerns about the RTPA passing. Now Canada is considering adding an online tax as well.

    If you have any questions about any of our updates, please get in touch.
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