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    December 11th, 2015
    What Makes Affiliates Tick?

    I have recently started a in-house associate program and am wanting to recruit professional affiliates,

    I would like to know - first hand from an affiliate community,

    - What you guys want?
    - What attracts you to a program?
    - What makes you stick around?

    Thanks, all responses are appreciated!

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    This one has been asked many times so use the search function to find your answers.

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    I can tell you what has been working for my affiliates. I`m working as an affiliate manager for a brain supplement company at the moment.

    - First of all a good niche. It helps selling a product in a field where you don`t have too much of a competition. Based on the concept of offer and demand you can achieve a great revenue in a niche
    - Good support for your affiliates: Be there for them, help them optimize the selling process. Also provide them with good marketing resources (lots of different sized banners, real testimonials, video files are also very important). Remember: If your affiliates are happy, you will also be happy.
    - The RevShare is another important thing. See what your competitors are offering and try to come with a better offer than them but in the same time try not to go bankrupt, you also need to make some money.
    - Keep them happy with offers for the affiliates who sell you more products and from time to time try to create contests where you will give some kind of awards

    These are just a few general things to keep in mind, if you search the forum you will find many more in detail tips on how to run a successful affiliate system.

    One last thing: Because this is your first post I want to welcome you to the forum.

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    I personally like it when an affiliate manager checks up on me occasionally making sure everything is running smoothly. It shows me that they care about my success in promoting their products. So good support and consistency in payments are what I look for the most in any affiliate program.

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    Timex. It takes a licking, too.
    Some will be old enough to remember that, along with John Cameron Swazey...

    In addition - my very first computer was a Timex. Yup, believe it or not.
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    Heh-heh! Serious blast from the not so long ago past. Marketing is both changed and unchanged from this "live" TV spot.

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    I'd be happy if I could just get AMs to respond. Better than half the time when I try to contact an AM I get no response.

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    Your three questions each has two separate answers - one as to what an affiliate needs to see from the consumer's perspective and a second from the affiliate's perspective. Any successful affiliate has to evaluate the customer's experience before even considering the affiliate program.

    For the consumer:
    What you guys want? An easy to navigate site offering competitively priced products and an easy to use cart system that neither requires excessive personal information nor registration to make a purchase.
    What attracts you to a program? Unique products at competitive prices.
    What makes you stick around? Products that are always available - products that frequently go out of stock or that are discontinued will make me go elsewhere. Also, if that does happen, do not let the landing page be a "Sorry that page doesn't exist" or anything like that result - send the potential customer to a product category page or similar/replacement product.

    For the affiliate: ALL of the above PLUS the following:
    What you guys want? A program on a reliable network that the affiliate can count on for timely payment and adequate tools, number one of which (for me at least) is a product link generator where I can produce an individual product link to any product or page on your site, and a data feed that is always up to date. Also, a variety of interesting and attractive and compelling banners in a variety of key sizes. AND competitive commission rates.
    What attracts you to a program? A hands-on affiliate manager or OPM with a solid reputation for working with and assisting affiliates and a commission rate that the is higher than your competition.
    What makes you stick around? That affiliate manager or OPM being responsive to needs and requests. Will NOT stick around when products disappear, prices go up, commissions go down, and the affiliate manager or OPM does not respond to problems and/or requests.

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    I think the biggest thing for me is that the affiliate programme have a high drive to pay the affiliates on time, and even in some cases allow for special circumstances i.e. you need cash to invest desperately so they will allow early payment.
    Nothing will see affiliates jump ship quicker than news that the programme is struggling to payout.

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    Not sure why it hasn't been said but, the money has got to be there. Most affiliates are not out there setting up sites and driving traffic for fun. They are doing it to make money. Your commissions need to be fair and they need to be paid on time.

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