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    December 14th, 2015
    Cool How to Grow with Affiliate Marketing
    I am newbie in Affiliate Marketing and struggling to create promotion. I need the guide so that I can stay on the right track. I lost my money in some marketplaces like stock market. I want to be re-born. Is it possible through Affiliate Marketing? Would you please help?

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    I would like to add that one of my biggest mistakes when starting out was over thinking everything! The key is to plan and stick to that plan until it either fails and you learn from it or it succeeds and you have a good financial platform to work from. Read what you can and seek help but don't over stretch yourself trying too many things at once as this is where most beginners give up as they can't handle hopping from one thing to another and seeing them all fail because they didn't devote time and energy to one at a time.

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    The first thing that I struggle to teach my affiliates is that "content is the king".
    First of all you should focus on delivering good content to the world regardless of the niche you choose.
    Don`t create a blog just for the sake of putting some ads there. Place yourself in the shoes of your visitors: Would you stay and read the articles you posted? Would you visit your website a second time?

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    first of all start working on posting content about what type of affiliate you need to use. after successfully running content strategy you will get lots of visitor in your site. and finally you can start with affiliate marketing.

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    It's expediently to start affiliate marketing when you have some platform (promoted is best). Don't worry about losing money, just learn about the niche as more as possible. Moreover it's free to join affiliate programs, so you have to invest in your platform and its promotion, you can't 'lose' money here, because you're investing in improvement.
    But the most important part is not paid promotion, the main is generating the qualitative content. It's the key to getting high traffic and subsequently getting more referrals.
    Don't be scared, just start!

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    Providing value is one of the keys to success with affiliate marketing. You need to be able to provide content that your target prospect will relate to on an emotional level. When you can relate and resonate with your target audience, selling becomes an after-thought. Too many affiliates are just thinking about the sale and alienating their prospects because they keep shoving products in their faces without building up any form of KLT (know like or trust factor).

    Attraction marketing combined with content marketing is definitely the way forward for affiliates. Especially going into 2016, Google is going in a certain direction with their ranking algorithms - this algorithm is increasingly becoming one that is based on quality. If you're an affiliate with a dozen crappy thin sites then things don't bode well for you at this point in time.
    Attraction marketing is a form of selling where instead of bombarding your prospects with affiliate offers, you give them something for free. You provide value to them. You build up that trust. Then eventually you can suggest an offer and they will be a lot more receptive to you - and more likely to get their wallets out!

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