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    Is Affiliate Marketing all about niche sites and blogs?

    I'm fairly new to affiliate marketing and what I have read so far, is that most of the affiliates recommend niche sites and blogs to promote programs.
    Of course, there are tons of different marketing strategies (like Email Marketing, SEO, building communities in social media, etc.), but usually they simply link/refer to their niche sites / blogs.

    So, I was wondering, if there are any other commonly used concepts out there? Like creating a forum community or implementing some sort of proxy shop or some price comparison?

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    Hello devroom404 and welcome to the forum.

    Choosing a niche is the most important thing in affiliate marketing. It is important to choose a niche with a good demand/offer ratio. For example, I`m working as an affiliate manager for a brain supplement company at the moment and my affiliates have lots of success because the niche is not very crowded at the moment, especially in Europe.
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    Dear devroom404 ,
    I think that any creative ideas you got, have the potential to bring new ways for you to boost your promotions and at least it worth testing.

    By the way, price comparison wouldn't require to create a website/page for it?

    As a general idea, promoting via niche sites/blogs might bring great results and there are niches/verticals that simply might perform better from highly targeted sites. But in my opinion it also matters how powerful is the website itself, and it requires to continually take care of its contents and do marketing actions to maintain the high level of the website.

    From my experience you can choose to focus on Email Marketing without managing any related website and establish powerful campaigns. You can then combine it with social marketing to further scale your ongoing marketing campaigns, but that would up to you.

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    I can share with you my experience. I didn't have any platform such as website or blog and I decided to go with email marketing and social media accounts. My advertising in social media was rather successful, emails also brought some results, but my earnings has increased in 4 times when I decided to create a blog. I've created original content and involved a lot of followers quickly. And the main thing is that it didn't take me more time.
    So of course you can go without platform and use alternative promotion channels, you can be more successful with it, but blog is just what works for me.
    Good luck!

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