We are adding a second brand to our program. It is basically the same service as our primary brand and is owned by the same parent company, but it operates in different states. We can start adding deals for this new brand in our current merchant program, but we are worried about the implications on affiliate response.

If we change our program name to "E-Club" (the name of our marketing venture only) and promote deals for both brands, will this cause confusion with affiliates?

Each deal posted to our feed would have its own branding information, image, and instructions on which brand it belongs to. There would also be information in our affiliate agreement and program bio to explain the difference in the brands and how the "store" for each should be set up. We worry that, even with all this information available, there will still be cases where our deals are posted under the E-Club name or the two brands are crossed over.

The other alternative is to start up a second program for this additional brand, but that incurs extra expenses and will delay our launch of the second brand.

Any thoughts affiliate managers and publishers can offer on this would be very much appreciated.