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    Curious... does this Affiliate platform exist?
    Hi, guys! I'm new and excited to chat with you all. Is anyone familiar with the Amazon 'aStore', where you can easily embed a little customizable shop of all the products you're marketing on your personal website? Is this available for any other websites? Or, is there one program which will aggregate products from several different websites into an 'aStore' of sorts? Thanks!

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    Several networks such as Avantlink and Shareasale have tools to do that with their merchants, and there is Popshops which lets you do that with thousands of merchants across most networks. There is also GoldenCan but with that service you do not have the opportunity to chose specific products.

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    Very helpful! Thank you so much!

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    Hey Phil, don't forget Affiliate Window has that too!

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    Indeed, IvyGarlands, the Amazon 'astore' works but I have not found it to be nearly as good as either PopShops or GoldenCAN, which have both done very well with conversions for us. However, for that "to happen" the page content must be conducive and supportive of the products on that page.

    One note with GoldenCAN: While you cannot choose individual products, as you can with PopShops (or some of the network offerings), you can define a narrow range of product types to be shown.

    As far at the network offerings go: Over the last decade I have sold products through all of the major networks (although I no longer promote AffiliateWindow merchants) and I have found the ShareASale offerings to be about the best. However, I still use PopShops and GoldenCAN in the majority of sites where I do not implement my own custom datafeeds.
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