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    Publishers, what makes an advertiser attractive to you?
    I am doing ecommerce using Commission Junction. As an advertiser, I am wondering what makes an affiliate program attractive? What makes you want to promote this website/product?
    I would love to hear more from a publisher’s point of view.
    Thanks in advance.

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    This has been discussed over and over and you can find much more info by using the "Search", but here are a few points:

    1. Quality products at competitive prices, good customer service, good site navigation, easy-to-use cart that DOES NOT require unneeded personal information or registration in order to make a purchase (and Certainly Not to enter and view the site).

    2. Competitive commission rates for the niche and long cookie duration, commissions paid on multiple purchases once a cookie is set, no artificial distinctions between customers (or products) designed solely to reduce commissions (such as different commission rates for what you call "old" or "returning" customers and "new" customers - if they were "your" customers they WOULD NOT be searching affiliate sites for better products and better prices), no automatic and unreasonable transaction "extension" periods making affiliates wait months before getting paid, and products that generally remain in stock and available for purchase, and when, on occasion, a product does go out of stock, the landing page is NOT an error page or a page that merely says "No longer available" but rather one that shows a similar product or the full product category.

    3. The program is on a network that is parasite-free and that has the tools needed for affiliates, including a product link generator that allows affiliates to build a link to any product or page on the merchant site, and quality banners in a variety of sizes.

    4. You maintain an up-to-date datafeed that is properly categorized and that is available on Popshops and also GoldenCan.

    5. Responsive program management that includes quick replies to important questions and requests.

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    For me it's different, if a merchant has the products I promote b/c of the nature of my sites, I'll join them. (There are small exceptions but that is besides the point)

    Phil, my friend. There are two parts. Let's start with once an affiliate joins a program.

    Once an affiliate joins a program, if that program produces money for the affiliate and continues to than an affiliate will do anything possible to promote it. Nothing else really matters. A great program with a wonderful uptodate datafeed, responsive program management wonderful commissions rate long cookies etc that doesn't sell doesn't matter. The bottom line is the bottom line period. If any of options 1 to 5 that causes the bottom line to drop will cause an affiliate to move on. But I hate out of date datafeeds, but as long as it sells fine. Maybe the prices on the datafeed are inelastic anyway.

    Now if you are trying to attract an affiliate. Then lets go through the list from the bottom up
    5) You can't tell before joining if the AM is any good unless you know them personally. But even if you do, programs go through managers all the time. Maybe the AM company was fired, or a key person got a better job, or got very sick. It's nice but of a merchant has products that sell on 'my' site I'll live with not having a great affiliate manager. If I need to, I can create my own banners, datafeed, whatever.

    4) I am a datafeed person, but you really can't tell before joining, just because a datafeed was updated yesterday doesn't mean the next one won't be in a month, 6 months, never. Categorization is nice, but the problem with that is you can't trust them. You find what you want and then the merchant changes the wording of a category and you have to adapt. as a datafeed affiliate the point is to not have to keep checking to make sure everything as you expect it to be. I found it's much better to look in the products name and sort the products yourself. If it is dog food the product name says dog food, simple. This works over many datafeeds. (There are exceptions, but that is a different post) As for the people who use goldencan and popshops they don't know how up to date the feed is, not really.

    3) It's not the 'network' that is parasite free, its the merchant who commits to it. And just because they say soi doesn't mean it's true. Things change as with affiliate managers. But if this effects sales the affiliate will notice

    2) As I said it's the bottom line that matters regardless of everything else. Just because commissions are great and cookies are long doesn't mean the merchant can close the sale (or he isn't ripping the affiliate off). The affiliate wants to be paid quick too. Regarding out of stock, that is a datafeed thing or if the affiliate isn't using a datafeed then its up to him to change that the products land in the right page by checking. A product out of stock page is just as bad as a 404 page in that the user isn't going to buy anyway. I suppose if a general banner page goes to a 404 page that should never happen. But who can expect that.

    Back to one. If your site has so many hoops that a customer won't buy anything (even though they might like your product) than an affiliate will see it the same way. This isn't an affiliate thing, this is a general design problem. An affiliate will see it the same way a customer will. If you don't see a problem with it for your customers, then you shouldn't see a problem with it for your affiliates. Both of which are mistakes, but creating an affiliate program won't make you change the 'forms' you have on your site. I guess what I am saying if you don't realize your site is crap, an affiliate won't tell you. :-)
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