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    Is it worth it to have a firm like directtrack manage your affilite program?? It seems as though they do a lot but is it worth it?
    They charge $2000 a month but provide the following:

    Be your official partnership manager, with industry authority and experience, without the expense of hiring and paying taxes, benefits, etc.
    Can locate and solicited new partnerships for you, including top affiliates/partners in your category.
    Will post and monitor your campaign in DirectResponse Advertising Network (11,000 partnership rearch)
    Will communicate regularly with your partners, writing a monthly newsletter, and posting to news section of the front page.
    Will communicate regularly with you.
    Run regular activity and status reports and send them to you, if desired.
    Motivate your partners with ongoing contact and perhaps some promotions
    Approve or decline partners that apply to your program
    Answer all partner questions, concerns, issues.
    Create new campaigns as desired and modify old campaigns.
    Detect and investigate Fraud, using our proprietary FraudMeterâ„¢
    Cut and mail checks to your partners
    Partnership Managers are available for $2,000 per month. This includes all of the above plus advertising in DirectResponse Advertising Network, check cutting, and a basic technical support package.

    What are your thoughts??


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    "Will communicate regularly with you?" You're kidding! Wow!! I'm sold. Sounds best-of-breed to me.

    It's amazing how this industry is all about marketing yet so few have a clue as to how to actually market something.

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    I believe their management solution is outsourced.


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    Carefull if it's outsourced. I just called HP, because my fairly new computer crashed. I spoke to 4 different customer service people and could have gotten better service, if they had spoken English better. I'm pretty sure I was talking to folks in India.


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