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    Best Way To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?
    Hello all,

    I know this is a very broad question, best way to get started. Bear with me I know find your niche then find a product, I get that part. It is a bit harder to get past that stage then I thought, I have a few ideas though just looking for some direction.

    Thoughts on starting with Clickbank?

    Any coaching programs or mastermind groups that you would recommend?

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    Best coaching we can offer is to ask questions like you are doing. Pitch out your ideas and we'll give you our feedback.

    Clickbank? Are you promoting info products?

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    I am currently not promoting anything, still in the getting started phase. I asked about clickbank because it is the most straightforward platform that I have found so far (read the easiest one for me to navigate) which really isn't saying much.
    I am a total newbie to this area and I am trying to dip my toes in and see what I can build.

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    Here’s an excellent guide, The Extra Money Answer, (FREE) that is from a person that I (and the moderators here at ABW) know very well). It is a bit of a read, but it is step-by-step and logical. Initially, it is also much better than a forum because 1) you don’t have to search for things and 2) it does not contain a lot of misleading posts with bad information.

    Simply click: – by Shawn Collins, to get started (That is NOT an affiliate link – the website and the guide are all free. You can buy a Kindle version for a couple bucks if you like, but that is not necessary).

    I recently wrote a bit more about that and one other resource on my blog.
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    Thank you Bill,
    I have dug right into this content, it is full of great information and a lot of things that I had not come across as of yet. I look forward to reading more soon, it is great to know that there are great free resources out there to help a newbie like me to get started.

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