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    Researching Affiliate Marketing With many Questions
    Hello, I am new to these forums and am in the process of researching affiliate marketing. What I would like to do is set up a website that has a database of products such as TVs from various merchants that a user can search and choose to buy.


    Is there a database that merchants allow affiliates to access about their products?
    How much creative freedom/access does the affiliate have in using their product information?
    Who creates the links (or other method) that track the user activity and credits the affiliate for the sale?
    Say I wanted to create a website that displays the clothes of Jcpenny, Gap and Old Navy, basically how would I do this

    From what I understand there are various networks and programs that connect the affiliates with the merchants

    More Questions

    What are, if any, the requirements to join a network?
    Is it a common practice to directly approach the merchant or to go through a network?

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    You've got a bunch of solid questions, but the best way to get those answers is by using the search box and spending time doing lots of reading on existing threads, as the questions you've listed aren't answered with a single question, and in some cases there is more than one acceptable answers. Keep that enthusiasm and you can do well in this industry.

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    You need to find affiliate programs that offer product datafeeds and api's. If you don't have programming experience this can be a long process to learn. Perhaps start with one program, master how you represent the products on your site then work to aggregate other feeds. Or you can use tools like Popshops or GoldenCAN which can build datafeeds for many programs and products at once.

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