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    Question Puzzle Pieces
    What is the best way to insure all the pieces of the email marketing puzzle are in my possession?

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    December 21st, 2015
    First things that come in to my mind would be to assure you got : users list, email marketing software and the products to promote.

    I attach you here an up-to-date article with several great tips that can make the difference in your email marketing activity,
    In my opinion, showing that you care, making it personal and clarify to your users the benefits they can get from it, combine email marketing with the other marketing platforms like social and ask for feedback, are among the most useful practices for start.

    Good luck !

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    I`m not sure I`m following along with your question, but let`s say you need some advice on how to improve your email campaigns.
    I won`t bore you with a long post, instead here is a link to an article that should have you covered:
    Affiliate Manager to The HCF Affiliate Program (30-50% RevShare - Special Niche Market)

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