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    Build List- how many articles needed to write?
    Hey people,

    I plan to start an really online business where I can live from it- a full time living online business, as affiliate with my own email list.

    Start to write good content that goes viral, brings me traffic and subscribers (to my squeezepage), my first goal ist to get 2000 target subs fast as possible, with an budget of 1000.

    But I have a big question; How many long articles I must write to get those number of subscribers? 5 long articles, 10, 15, 20 or more...???

    Are here any affiliate experts who can give me an answer on that?


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    There is no magic forumla for that. Sounds like you are planning to do a CPA offer, so you will be competing against eveyone else pitching that same offer. See what they are doing and try to go one better. Sad that you'll need to pay so much just to get subscribers. I'd question their value if you have to buy them.

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    For my site i really saw a big jump of trafic after around 100 articles, but it was also the 2nd year anniversary of my site, so i don't know if google gave me a happy birthday bonus or if it was because of 100 articles...
    The more the better, but it's even better to have very long articles, length matters


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    wow 100 articles. I'd like to see if those are average 600-word articles or top notch, highly-detailed, lengthy pieces of content with infographics and so on. I doubt it is the latter.

    You can write 1000 articles on your website but if you're not getting traffic to your posts then there is no point. Ultimately, your position in the SERP's is the most important factor for traffic to your website. Google loves quality, not quantity. You will be much better off having 5 solid 2000 word articles that beat anything else in your niche and promote that in order to acquire backlinks as opposed to 50 generic articles that aren't that great.

    Google doesn't care how about how many articles you have on your site. Again it cares about quality. If you have a piece of content that is top-notch, people will be more inclined to link to it. When google sees that RELEVANT websites are linking to you then it will increase your authority in that topic and with that comes increased search engine rankings.

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    I'd say that Google loves quality AND quantity.

    IMHO one top notch article on it's own won't get anywhere near as much traffic as the same article which is part of a decent sized site.

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    Hello and Happy New Year,

    In my first thread here, I have forgot to say, that I will do article marketing. In that way, that I will submit quality content, long content (2000 words or more)
    to niche relevant big blogs or online magazine's- so the content will go viral and many people will link to it.

    And in the end of the article I have a backlink to my squeezepage, where people can left their email, so I build a list ..........

    I hear often, that blogcarnival, big blogs or ezine's (online magazine's) or zemanta(?),can bring huge huge traffic, when the long quality article will be going viral.

    Many professional marketers do that, but nobody can say to me, how many of those long articles (over 2000 words) I must write- and submit to big blogs and ezine , to get my first 1000 subscribers in the list (with a good designed squeezepage who will convert at 20- 30%).

    Nobody knows that, 3 article a week? 5? more?
    We speak about those long articles with 2-3000 words who are not so cheap when you find a good writer.

    In every wordpress backend you can check where your traffic is come frome, form which article, keywords and so on.....

    I have a budget of max. 1000€ to invest, so that is possible to find a good writer and produce 2 good long articles every week about 6-7 months.
    After 7 months, my capital is gone.
    So I must plan it.

    Or another idea: I be good in web design and have about 30 references. But the problem is, in the moment, they are low paying clients, who pay not more than 200€.

    I specialized in building websites for business clients, but not know how to find clients who are paying me 790€ or more.
    Go to the chamber of commerce, to find people who can convey new clients for me with 50% commission, I be sure they are not interested in to help me.

    But I have not idea how to find such clients- do you have any tipps for me?
    Should I try with my small budget google display network on selected business sites (sites you can select in GDN) to get them?


    Listen, when I can get every month 1-2 clients who are paying me 790€, so I can invest this money in long good articles or solo ads to build a tiny target list.

    But where to find these sort of clients or find other people who have the same open mind, to help me to grow the web design business.

    Like the Andrew Carnegie Story, find another people who are willing to work with you to grow up your success, or is this a big fairy tale story?

    Or is google plus a good place to find 1-2 such clients every month? But how should I do that with google plus?
    I nothing known about to use google plus in that way to get clients, is there a good tutorial or ebook about that?


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    Lightbulb Email Capture Page
    I am setting up a business to do with glamping (Glamorous Camping) I create a simple email capture page with a strong pull for users to sign-up.

    I spent only 30 and got 47 emails from that campaign through Facebook. A conversion rate of 47% was generated. So what I say is don't under estimate the power of social media advertisement, but do ensure you have a strong pull so users will sign up.

    Here's a link to my email capture just so you can see how simple it is.

    Another idea I had was to put an email form that they would have to fill out in order to read your content?

    The problem with all that content you are suggesting to create is that people these day's are lazy and can't be bothered to read through a LONG blog post, if you kept it short and sweet I would believe your readers would be more likely to read more of the article and then you should an increase on your call to action.

    Have you thought about a Vlog? this increases engagement significantly!!

    Hope I have given you something to think about !!

    Yours magically

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    Hello Hobson_Present,

    the long articles I talk about, I will not put on my blog (or perhaps do it first- indexed) I will submit these long articles to ezines (online magazines, niche related sites, CNN or whatsever, this is thta this long article go viral and will be linked by many peoples, so I get good traffic (free) and email subscribers.

    You have got 47 subs with 30, that is not so cheap as many people talk, they talk facebook is so cheap......

    Question: Is a facebook campaign enough to get leads, or does I must write 3-4 times a week short posts on my facebook fanpage?
    To write 3-4 times a week cost money again ( I need an good writer).

    Or ist it enough on FB, to create short sentences with an great image 3-4 times a week? In some niches it works when you can post great images and only 2 sentences of words.

    But the problem is, I don't know do setup such a campaign, I nee a n good FB advertise agency/consultant, but I must pay them for setup the campaign, not for the leads......
    So it can be, that the campaign setup has cost 400 and I get only a few leads or nothing.

    With my budget of 1000€, I must set a goal; 1000 leads or more with FB with this budget.
    Does ist possible? I don't now.....

    For most people, FB is a hit and miss, they spend- but not get subscribers or make sales.
    So you can play casino, roulette......... but with playing lucky games like roulette, you can not build a stable business on that.

    Is there a good book/ ebook (on amazon) who explain it in deep detail, how do setup an successfull FB campaign to collect leads?

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    Hey !

    Yep ok I can see you thinking with the long articles.

    For paid advertisement it was a GREAT result, only costing me around just over 60p per lead. So lets say I have a 2% conversion rate to customers (which for what I am offering would be pretty low), that is; we shall call 1 person.

    Now the minimum cost that person can spend with us at our glamping site is 240 (minimum 2 night stay) So bare minimum amount of people converting, and bare minimum spend cost, i shall have made 210 which isn't bad at all.

    Now I don't say that to show off at all, and it hasn't even happened yet!! But I had a strong pull to get users to insert their email address (win a free 2 night break away) which I believe is v.important, so what is it that you can offer?

    With regards to your questions you shall generate more leads quickly by doing a campaign then all the work involved with writing. Why do you need a writer? People prefer to hear and read from the person behind it all which is YOU !! even if their are slight imperfections, remember nothing is ever perfect. And just my opinion I would take more notice of your posts if you wrote 2-3 times a week and roughly 500 words each. If you have a blog then yes an alluring sentence and a strong image can work just as well.

    Funny you should say you don't know how to go about creating Social media campaigns, as I have just created a course that teaches that and more, not a plug to sell it just to let you know if you are interested it's a great course and pretty cheap to.

    SO you want 1 lead per €1 - It can be possible but really depends on a powerful image ad to drawn attention to. And a STRONG pull that will get users to enter in their email. On that you want a good simple email capture page.

    Just a few thoughts, remember this is only my opinion.

    Yours Magically

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    There is no magic formula to this. It really depends on the niche and on your writing skills. I always say this: Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What articles would you like to read when visiting your website? Make a list and start writing the articles.
    A Google spokesman told this: Don`t ask yourself how many visitors you had today, ask yourself how many people you helped today.
    Affiliate Manager to The HCF Affiliate Program (30-50% RevShare - Special Niche Market)

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