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    What is Your New Year's Resolution for 2016?
    It's that time of year when we're all choosing what we want to accomplish in the new year, the proverbial list of resolutions for 2016. While we all have personal ones - lose weight, spend more time with friends, take the trip to Disney World or Europe or America, we all probably have a resolution or two for our affiliate marketing career. It doesn't matter whether you are an affiliate, a merchant, a network rep, or a vendor, there's something you can choose as a goal that will make your new year better.

    I've never been a very technical person, so my 2016 resolution is to learn as much as I can about some of the new functionalities that are available. I plan to become an expert on cross-device tracking to start.

    So what's yours? Don't just say "make a million dollars". Studies show that having a specific goal will make you much more likely to achieve it. In fact, write it down and read it everyday. Spend a few minutes each morning thinking about nothing else. I'll refresh this thread in a year and we can all share how we did. Even if you didn't succeed in achieving your goal, you'll be so much farther ahead than you are at this moment.

    So what say you? What is your resolution for 2016?

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    Same as every year, make money and lots of it

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    You're right, it's so important to formulate definite goals, not abstractive, it has helped me a lot previous year.

    My Resolution for 2016 is to launch e-shop and recruit 5000 affiliates, to automate this process and hire affiliate manager to be free of this sphere more or less.
    I hope all our plans will come true!

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    Hi Helen,

    Cross-device tracking is an interesting one. A lot of people don't bother tracking their leads and traffic when it comes to affiliate marketing, thinking that it is something that is not very important but they couldn't be more wrong!

    I plan on significantly increasing my website's Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow level. I want my domain to become a highly authorotive source of information. I also plan on adding a lot more content on my website. I'd say my number one goal for next year is to reach page 1 on Google for all my keyword targets - a big goal! Go big or go home, right? :-)

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    Business-wise I want to work smarter as well as harder going from 50 hours a week to 90 until everything is flowing properly. Also want to increase promotions into more social channels as well as revise my orphaned site. More conferences in 2016 too.

    Added: take a real vacation with just my wife and really get away.
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