Hello! I will try my best to describe in shorts how to start with affiliate marketing for beginners in 4 steps.

1. Find your niche (Audience)

The first thing you got to do before doing anything else is to find yourself a niche. A niche is an audience of people. I can give you an example; Someone who searches for "How to get rid of acne" could potentially be a niche.
It's really important to choose a niche that you like, this will make it a lot easier for you to write content and won't feel like much work, when you do something you like. Makes sense? I hope so!

2. Make your website / blog

The next step will be to actually make your website / blog. This is really important, and a website will work as a foundation for your future business. Think of it like this; It's no point in making a house without a foundation, the same applies to business and affiliate marketing. After setting up a basic website, you can start implementing other things like; facebook group for your website, youtube channels, and whatnot. I am not going to tell you exactly how to make a website in this post, but it's really easy, search for it on google!

3. Find your Affiliate Program

So it's time to find yourself an affiliate program. You can type your niche + affiliate program on google, and tons of affiliate programs will pop-up, unless you have chosen something really, and I mean REALLY weird. You can also join some of the bigger affiliate programs like Clickbank and Amazon. Many affiliate programs requires you to already have a website up and running before they are willing to give you an affiliate account.

4. Start researching your niche and begin writing content

The last step is the step many people find hard and scary. You have to put in work and effort to make a good and profitable affiliate website. But researching and writing content should be fun, and is fun if you choose a niche you like. Start writing articles targeting keywords, that will rank your website in google.

If you have a website targeting the niche "How to get rid of acne" You could write articles on the top products that will reduce acne on your skin and so on... Write reviews on different products, make videos showing off products... do CREATIVE stuff! And promote your affiliate link at the end of your article.

You want to provide unique and valuable content to your readers, and by doing this you will see results. People will buy the products you promote if they like the content!

Hope this helped some of you! If you have any questions please comment below!

- Martin