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    looking for a mentor
    Hi everyone

    I have been researching like crazy especially on YouTube to try and get relevant information. However all the videos seem to be of people trying to sell their latest get rich quick scheme.

    I was wondering if there is anyone in the UK or better still Wales that is a professional affiliate marketer that would be interested in mentoring me?

    I am a firm believer in learning from people who are already experts in their field.

    If anyone is interested please let me know. Alternatively if anyone can point me to good information on YouTube I would be very grateful.



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    Hey Terzian, I do understand your request, it is asked frequently on here. Unfortunately most of our members don't get the chance to help that way due to time constraints.

    But I do have a good alternative! Here is a post about good Affiliate Marketing Blogs which can give you that type of knowledge at your own pace. Spend a lot of time reading them, subscribe to the ones you like best, and you can get a free education. Once you've got this info as a foundation, you'll probably have specific questions to ask us which would be most welcome. You can even ask questions while you are learning of course, but if possible, please be specific. Questions like "what is the best ______" really can't be answered, because there are usually too many other factors involved. Questions like "which do you prefer - A or B - and why?" stand a much better chance.

    Hope that helps!

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