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    Wordpress or alternatives
    Hi There

    Possibly a stupid question but is there any reason why everyone seems to use Wordpress or can you use other web site design software?

    I have built several non affiliate sites in the past using Moonfruit and am very familiar with this programme. However if there is a specific reason or benefit for using wordpress I would be keen to know what these are.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Matt Cutts from Google said "Google likes Wordpress." If you are counting on SEO to promote your blog, you must make sure that the spiders have absolutely no problem crawling your site.

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    because wordpress is very easy and customized cms so you can make fast and fine website which is also fully seo supported.

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    Thanks for your help. I will start playing with WordPress.


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    Yes, WordPress is very popular.
    It is extremely customizable, and offers many options, themes, add-ons, plug-ins, etc.

    But it's not for me; I gave up on it.

    It seemed to be constantly requiring upgrades, to add new features or to plug security holes. And after you do an upgrade, you then have to make sure all your add-ons work. I had finally found a theme I loved, but the developer wasn't supporting it anymore. And I had a couple plug-ins. So I had to decide whether to upgrade and risk losing my theme, or forever stay with an older version of WordPress.

    Personally, I don't want to constantly maintain the software; I want to focus on writing.

    The final straw was having somebody hack into my site from the blog part of the site. Since all pages were PHP, gaining access to the blog also got them onto every page on my site. They added a redirect link to every page on my site. And after reading up on the problem, there was a risk that, even if I manually edited every page on the site to delete the code block, a back door may have been added so the hackers could re-gain access.

    So I took a "burnt earth" approach. I purged everything. My web host re-set everything back to what it was before I started the web site, and I re-uploaded all pages one-at-a-time--but not the blog.
    I now have a working site without a blog on my own domain. The site has worked fine since then.

    Google may like having blogs based on WordPress because it is so popular and they know what they are dealing with. But ultimately, whether a blog is on WordPress or not won't decide how much traffic your blog gets. That will depend upon what you do and the quality of your work.

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    You certainly need to keep up with the updates. To avoid the problem of a "fancy" theme not being supported I only use actual Wordpress themes. I am currently rocking Twenty Sixteen on a few sites and Twenty Ten of a few others. I can "customize" it with my own graphics and (of course) great content. I use minimal plugins and also use WordFence (free) for security - and I have not had a problem (crossing fingers here) yet.

    I do some "foodie" work and I like having the ability to upload images and posts from my iPhone or iPad. When we go out to a new place I can actually do an article right there and have it go live immediately. If it needs tweaking I can do that later.
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    Interesting comment I appreciate your story of being hacked and your solution.
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