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    Hi All -

    Happy New Year! I have a question I cant figure out, specifically for pepperjam but probably for linkshare as well. I have an online forum I am building with vbulletin, and want people to be able to post links directly to products - for instance a new razor at 800-razors. My issue is, I want to pass SID=, and also direct the person directly to the razorr on my forum. I see that both networks have a deep linking engine that you can make links go directly to the product, however this is not helpful in the forum sense, since my panelists wouldn't be using these deep link engines at pepperjam/linkshare. Does anyone know of a way to auto build direct links on pepperjam? Basically I want to pass sid=, and append url=deep link, however when I do this it just takes the person directly to the front page of 800razors and not to an actual product. When I build this deep link via the pepperjam engine it works, but it also completely changes the razor link. So I need to know how to pass sid= and url=, or any other variables to build my own direct links when people post links directly to products.

    Any idea?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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    Firstly make sure you use a deep link url, not all are deep link urls.

    Since I am not an affiliate of 800razor and can't check the link. The simple way to solve you problem is to create a link with your site and create a link using pepperjam's link creation tool and compare them keystroke for keystroke. Once you see the difference use, try and create a link yourself and see if that works. I think most likely you are an ampersand (&) that is either missing or should be converted into %26. That is the most likely problem.

    By the way you know its &sid=<id> and &url=<url> You need that ampersand.
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