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    Running LinkShare & CJ concurrently
    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone had any luck/ saw any value to running affiliate accounts on Commission Junction and Linkshare at the same time? My team currently has a fairly successful LinkShare program running, but have seen our revenue stagnate a little over the 2nd half of last year. In the interest of finding new, high quality publishers, we have thrown the idea of opening a Commission Junction account. Has anyone tried running programs in both networks at the same time? If so, has anyone run into any problems paying double commissions on sale? Are there any other potential issues that I should be worried about?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    I am a big fan of the competitive analysis. Try to find the network with similar merchants as that is where the affiliates are making sales. Unless CJ has more merchants i.e. competitors it's doubtful you would see more sales. Also, press your current network for some help. See if they can provide a list of affiliates to recruit based on success in your category.

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    Just speaking for our network, if one of our merchants is on more than one network we help them set up de-duping code to prevent transactions showing on both networks (well at leasst on us). I'm sure other networks offer this as well.

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