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    Affiliate Manager Skills
    Hello, Please what can one say is a possible skill for an affiliates manager. Thank you
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    Excellent communication skills.
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    Apart from excellent communication skills he has to have technical skills in the field, leadership skills, marketing skills and of course they have to be productive considering the amount of work they face
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    Honesty. Affiliates know when you are full of dung. Even if the answer is not what affiliates want to hear, tell them the truth. That will go a very long way.

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    I would say...


    Relationship building (Communication Skills)
    Hunting (it takes a lot effort and time in finding the best affiliates)

    Other important to be successful:

    Follow up (If you don´t follow up with them and provide with stats etc. then it´s likely they go somewhere else)
    Logic thinking (To be able to see stats, evaluate, see trends and anticipate different scenarios)
    Humour (You get a long way if you have a sense of humour)

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