CoolPage has been a great affiliate up to now. All of a sudden I go to check my stats (at where they run their program) and am 'greeted' with a message that says: AFFILIATE PROGRAM PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN DUE TO EXCESSIVE FRAUD. NO MORE COMMISSIONS WILL BE PAID.

They still have info about their affiliate program on their site. They owe me over half the minimum for a check. When I wrote to ask them about it, I just got a snippy reply that there is no affilate program anymore and the message at downloadfast say it all.

Wondering if anyone else is using their affiliate program and also if there is some way to get my commissions. I don't understand how they can just cut off the program with no notice and also refuse to pay commissions already earned.

Also, is there another free/inexpensive drag and drop site builder with a decent affiliate program you could recommend as a replacement for CoolPage?