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    ASW16 Insights: Local SEO
    The closing keynote at Affiliate Summit West 2016 was delivered by noted SEO expert Greg Gifford. Greg has a different style and method of presentation than most speakers you'll see at such conferences, and he may offend some people, but he has a strong and important message that can be relevant for certain affiliates.

    Greg's focus is on local search and is primarily directed to sites that promote brick and mortal business seeking to attract walk-in customers in their local areas, but many of his insights and tactics can be utilized in optimizing other sites that have no related walk-in store and that are seeking customers from a wider client base.

    His methods can be used in addition to what you are already doing to optimize your sites and add more visitors from what can become target areas. No B & M store? It can still work. I have a sports blog that focuses on Los Angels-area sports teams and I will be using a lot of what I learned from Greg's presentation to help add to my local audience, and that can be done without jeopardizing my wider audience from around the country.

    If you do some searches you can find Greg on Twitter and find articles he's written on numerous sites related to SEO, local SEO, and search engines. If will be worth your time.

    As a start, here is a link to one of his recent blog posts: "Everybody Needs Local SEO"

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    Here are his slides from the presentation, although a lot of it will be fairly hard to follow without the running commentary that he gave as he went through the presentation.

    He normally speaks to car dealerships and restaurants, which have a very strong focus on local search, but as Phil said, a lot of it can apply to general SEO, especially if it's focused on something local.

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    SEO Expert Gregs touched almost every aspect of SEO and give emphasize more on local SEO. I go through with his recent blog and it really worth my time.

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