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    Warning: Grainger Commission Rate Going to 0% - Details...
    Received notification via eBay Enterprise that Grainger is turning off commissions to run a "test". So their program is still up, but they aren't paying commissions. Needless to say, this is way uncool... I don't think they are turning off everyone's commissions, but somehow I have fallen into a focus group.

    You know, Harbor Freight Tools did something similar on 9/1/2015. I don't think they ever came back online.

    This whole, we are going to run a test thing, hang on while we stop payouts, seems ridiculous. Why don't they have better analytics that help them make the right decisions without harming their affiliate channel?
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    Totally uncool.

    I remember a couple of other merchants were doing this "temporary test with 0 commission" thing as well, couldn't find the emails and don't remember who they are.

    My answer to them is no, I won't keep your links up while you are doing test and I'm getting 0 commission. You are gone from my site, now and forever.

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    They do not value affiliate traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hectic GHC View Post
    They do not value affiliate traffic.
    But, I'll bet, there will still be a ton of affiliates promoting them. The "name brands" can get away with not caring about affiliates.
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