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    I have 1000 clicks per month but there is no any commission
    I have 1000 clicks per month from linkshare but there is no any commission.

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    of course, I have no idea which merchants you are using or what sites you have, but 1000 clicks is not very much. (I remember those days, also!)

    If you can find similar merchants who are in other affiliate networks you might consider trying them.

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    If you have 1000 clicks and no sales then a few things could be happening

    1. Consumers are not finding what they were expecting when they arrived at the merchant's page, so they didn't buy.
    2. The clicks are very low value - there are people who make their living clicking with no intention of ever buying anything. If this is a cheap source of clicks, you are definitely getting what you paid for.

    So, either change your message or get a different/better click source. Have you considered a different way to attract quality traffic, like SEO?

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