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    I've read a lot of complaints from affiliates about 'merchant' fraud. I'm a merchant paying for leads. However, I have found that 80-90% of the leads I get are fraudulent. I've use ClixGalore and Clickxchange so far and can't recommend either one. Clickxchange would at least allow me to manually remove bad leads. However, their monthly minimums far exceeded the number of valid leads I received. In two months I spent $250 for about 8 valid leads!

    ClixGalore doesn't have a monthly minimum, but I've spent over $800 with them so far and have only received about 10 valid leads. In just this past week alone I had about 4 valid leads and 25 invalid leads. The invalid leads are those I count as obviously invalid like gggg ffdsf, from Chicago, Californie etc. No telling yet how valid the remaining 4 leads are.

    So, please help. What affiliate programs out there seem to have the least amount of 'affiliate' fraud?

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    You could try hosting your own in-house affiliate program and then go out and recruit sites yourself, that would cut down on fraud. I personally am only familiar with CJ and Linkshare and we have a lot less fraud in CJ.

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