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    In a previous post, I said that I was going to email some people paying overture and tell them in nice words of course, look bozo, if your paying overture then pay me too, after all, my site is number 1 in google, and number 2 msn, altavista, and toema on your search words.

    So I email them and they said, well we don't pay people, but we have an affiliate program and I'll send your email to the affiliate manager. So I go back to their site, as an experience affiate person and I look everywhere and there is no mention of an affiliate program.

    What's the use in having an affiliate program if no one knows about it??? I've been to this site before, many times, they carry the products I want to sell, they just didn't want to give me any money. I don't get it, I just don't get it.

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    Not every merchant wants every Tom, Dick, and Hairy in thier affiliate program....

    Merchants: Do you realize that some of your affiliates are being paid commission on sales which you have paid for via PPC, offline advertising, and your targeted mailings?

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    I agree with Joseph,

    Our service has atleast 3 different programs for affiliates that are not visible to the general public.

    This allows us to spend more time being specifically targeted to invited members and dealing with them exclusively. Support issues that normally arise in an open (public) affiliate program are cut significantly and allows us to focus on expanding rather than being bogged down with support inquiries.

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