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    Google's new network is looking to be very successful. Time to ad a forum for them.

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    For the Content-Targeted Google AdWords ?


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    For their new network, that sends ads tailored to your site. They do this without any work on the publisher's part (i.e. keywords like Overture needs):

    I'm seeing all kinds of publishers joining this thing. Turns out Fastclick is now onboard as well. It's a real threat to other networks.

    Currently Google is paying $1 CPM to Fastclick and Fastclick is passing on $.66

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    If you're a web publisher who sells advertising inventory, and your site receives more than 20 million page views a month, you may be a great fit for Google's content-targeted ads.


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    Bruin not too be too technical but fastclick passes on 65 percent of revenue to publishers so it should be 65 cents cpm and not 66 cents cpm.
    I think Burstmedia has run some google ads too.
    Tribalfusion has as well in the past.

    Even with this Google is taking risk by paying cpm prices for ads they are paid on a cpc basis.
    They don't have ads for every page so there will always be room for other adnetworks to fill this inventory up.

    Now if Google starts dealing with the smaller sites themselves rather than through adnetworks things could get really interesting. Imagine if Google started to deliver german langage ads to german visitors of an english language site for example. That sort of thing allows for far greater monetization of all traffic than is currently done by most adnetworks.

    Also these ads through the major networks are generally not allowed below the scroll because of adnetwork rules. Google might not mind below the scroll placement for lower rates. If an adnetwork like Clickxchange or Clixgalore could arrange for Google ads of this sort to be able to be shown below the scroll that would be a great opportunity for many.

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    Haiko gets two majors for the price of one forum. Most likey Google will be purchased by $Bill Bill and Overture gets second billing from MSN.

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    We were automatically made a guinea pig when it be began, it was free until 3-12.
    It was tested until last week. Results were terrible and we withdrew.
    An example in one group of keywords that had 1850 views receiving 219 clicks under the standard system. The Content-Targeted Advertising™ had a result of 1 click, yes one.

    “Publishers benefit because they can generate revenue from parts of their sites that had previously been unsellable inventory.”

    This is wide open for abuse by unscrupulous publishers.

    We like their Ad Words program.

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