I have begun working on an affiliate program for Monster Top List. It's the number one top list software available and is coded in PHP & mySQL.

The software currently has a number of paid users, but we're looking at expanding this. The software is produced by p8o Online Services, a hosting and online services company.

We're looking at finding around ten sites to help us BETA Test the new software package which has been written by p8o to facilitate the affiliate system.

Our MTL software starts at $49 for a license and $35 for an installation. A Support License costs $149 and a number of different options are available in between. Affiliates will receive 10% commission on all purchases made via dedicated affiliate links.

If you are interested in trying out this program for two weeks, please e-mail james@p8o.com or send me a Private Message via these forums for further information. After the two week trial, the program will be free to the public to join.

The trial costs nothing and neither will the program in the future. Basically, free to be part of. You do not need a web site to join.

The software is a great piece for webmasters and users alike and you cannot regret purchasing our software package for such a small price.

Web Site URL: http://www.monstertoplist.com

Thank you for your support!

James Lesh
p8o Online Services || Monster Top List