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    Our service has been selling Roibot services now since April 2002. Since this period we have made considerable sales for them. We have not been paid a penny in commission as of yet and it's December. There service excuse is: They need to verify if any CC fraud has transpired before they make payment to any affiliate and should be corrected in 60 days. We have received the same response twice now after allowing 60 days to expire. Avoid them like the plague .. we are now removing their service and warning all of you now to avoid our issues with them [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img].


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    Welcome to the perils of dealing with the MLMers coupled with the ills of the Info peddlers. A mix sure to breed slow or no pay players.

    WebMaster Mike

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    Seconded. was not originally MLM etc, but over recent months, they have drifted way, way off their original base as a pretty good purveyor of internet marketing products and services.

    I'm not going to waste time here listing how many ways they're bad news, let's just leave it at that.

    Are you Crazy?

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    I'm glad I was too busy to try and peddle their stuff. I was going to, but never got around to it. Looks like I was paid the same amount. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Well, we had to update the progress of our madness. We wrote ROIbot about our displeasure and actually provided them a link to the ABW forum and our posting.

    They promptly offered us complete details of their peril of CC fraud and an article had posted about them being hit hard with fraud.

    ROIbot then went 2 steps further:

    1. They offered us anything they sell absolutely free which we took them up on.

    2. They instantly sent us a check for the sales made in April - June 2002 year.

    We are still owed money, but we have received answers and some compensation as well as a free 101 Killer Marketing Tactics eBook worth their price of $197.

    So ... the ABW played what we believe a good part in getting their attention.


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    If I where you I would have nothing to do with ROIBOT MLM all the way and I think Brian Garvin runs ROIBOT which anything sucks being touched by him for instance look at his sites.

    John Solamito
    Affiliate Program Manager - Affiliate program for Datecam
    C 206-920-5646

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    An Update To The Status Of This Account:

    We wrote Roibot 03 April 2003:

    Hello Dee White and Mark Joyner,

    I have been patiently waiting for your team to go through the sales tickets to determine if any fraudulent orders where placed to your service from ours. I do not believe you will find that any sales made were fraudulent as most were from our CGI resource listing and current members discussions leading the member to ROIbot services.

    I received 1 check so far and no further correspondences since then. I believe I have been more than patient waiting for your service to validate all sales made. I continue to send sales to you with absolutely no compensation and an accruing balance owed that just gets larger over time.

    I realize you had massive fraud employed against your service and accepted that reason at the time of explanation. However, I do not believe it takes 6 months to calculate any further commissions owed to my business as a result of creating sales revenue you receive immediately, but I'm being told to wait until an undetermined amount of time for my commission cut.

    Also ... I have tried for over 2 days to login to our account and have been denied access.

    ROIbot ID: R6XXXXX
    Password: XXXXX
    Log in URL:

    I want a full explanation as to when I can expect our commission in total for all sales made to date. Especially if not being allowed access to see if your reporting is accurate from referred purchasers that we know made purchases from discussions in the forum and emails.

    Thank you for your immediate attention and expected timely response.

    From :
    To :
    Subject : [AESOP-224244] Commissions (Progress Update)
    Date : Mon, 21 Oct 2002 15:14:33 -0700

    Sender Reply:

    21st/Oct/02 3:14PM

    Hello Kelly,

    Thank you for your email.

    I apologize for the delay. We have been delayed several months in that our
    service is often used for fraudulent purchases. The effort of sifting out
    legitimate orders from fraudulent orders has created delays in sending checks to
    our affiliates. I have sent a rush request through on your behalf and have
    confirmed it's receipt. Unfortunately, I cannot determine when the check will
    be mailed. I can guarantee you that all back commissions will be paid as soon
    as possible. Thank you for your patience.

    Please feel free to email me if you seek further assistance.

    Best regards,

    Dee White
    Customer Service


    We wrote again after patiently waiting:

    Hello ROIbot (New Owners Presumed),

    We have been waiting very patiently for our service to be paid what we feel is a very small balance owed for a very serious long term considering the situation.

    We have had nothing but songs and dances for excuses as to why we have not received payment on the account balance over this period of time. We have received 1 check for the sum of XXX.XX back in December 2002 with a notification that the remaining would be paid very shortly once accounting division had verified all balances on records.

    We again waited patiently for the accounting office to catch up on their book keeping and verify all sales and issue us credit. Again, we received notification that they were working on it. After allowing 60 days to pass we again wrote after we could not log in.

    We then finally hear from ROIbot service that they would be soon selling the service and that all accounts would be brought up to date with payment. Again, nothing sent to us.

    We now receive mailings that appear to indicate to us that the service has indeed transferred ownership and that it is "business as usual".

    Our service has specifically cut off our promotions of ROIbot other than a few links until this balance issue has been addressed and account has been brought up to date before allowing further promotion and endorsement of the ROIbot service to continue.

    We are not going to continue to play "cat & mouse" tactics on trying to receive what is rightfully our compensation to sending sales to your service. If we are forced to continue to try to receive payment for what we have rightfully earned, we would just rather make a large posting to our viewers and to the viewers of the Affiliate Forum Board warning them to stay clear of this service.

    This is not a threat tactic by no means. Considering the small over due amount it is merely not in our interest to play these tactics and just move on about our normal business as usual and call it a loss if this is the game this service has chosen to play.

    Please send me an indication as to what path our service needs to make to finally bring resolution to this petty issue so that we may once in for all take care of this matter.

    Please see a summarized record balance of the account below:

    2002 - 2003 Records Excluded for obvious reasons.


    They responded with:

    Received on Friday, 04 Apr 2003 10:13:57 -0800

    Hello ,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    I want you to know that we care deeply about this situation and will work
    hard to correct this for you! :-) I have forwarded this email to our Level
    II support. They will look into the situation at their end and give me a
    response as soon as possible. I will notify you as soon as I receive the
    reply. Level II Support should not take more than about 48 hours.

    I apologize for the wait and I thank you for your patience!

    All the best,

    Marilyn Cole


    Then we receive this as a response to their findings:

    Received on Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 2:7:21 GMT

    Dear Ray,

    We have some important news to tell you, but first ...

    We apologize for the system outage you experienced. We're
    pleased to tell you that we've been back up and running for
    the last several days.

    We have taken additional measures to ensure this kind of
    outage does not happen again. We had a hardware failure on
    our primary drive and our attempts to recover it form back up
    were unsuccessful. We had to take the data to a world-class
    recovery specialist and we're pleased to say they were able
    to recover 100% of our data.

    Now, to the exciting news...

    You may have heard that I'm retiring from the Internet business.

    Yes, the rumors are true, and you can learn more about my
    departure here:

    Also, ROIbot along with the affiliate program and all of our ebooks
    and software have been acquired by an outside company and we expect
    a smooth transition to occur on June 1st 2003.

    Please rest assured that:

    a. Your service will remain uninterrupted.

    b. We are in the process of closing our books and settling outstanding affiliate payments. You will begin receiving any outstanding payments due in the next 3-4 weeks and that process will continue until you are up to date.

    c. The integrity of your affiliate efforts will be maintained (the customers you brought in will remain your customers, your 2nd tier affiliates will remain on your 2nd tier and all of your affiliate links and products you earn commissions from will not change).

    d. All of the great ROIbot features will still be there and working better than ever...

    e. The new company taking over ROIbot will have some wonderful features to add (you will be pleasantly surprised).

    While we can not yet announce the name of the company who has acquired ROIbot, we do have some great things to tell you about them:

    a. They will be introducing a far more robust and far more reliable ad tracking solution. Frankly, it blows the current ROIbot tracking out of the water. You will automatically be upgraded to this new service, and all of the great additional features they offer, when the transition is complete.

    b. They have a phenomenal support infrastructure. They will be able to provide world-class highly responsive service.

    c. Their service will be flawlessly reliable. I have spoken at length with their System Administrator and am simply in awe of their meticulousness. They will offer a level of reliability unmatched in the industry.

    Again, your ROIbot service will continue uninterrupted and when the transition is complete you'll get a surprise bonus (maybe
    even several bonuses) sent to you by the new owners.

    That's right, every current ROIbot member that stays through the transition to the new ownership will get a surprisingly high value bonus just for your loyalty.

    I can't tell you what this surprise bonus is just yet, but rest assured - you are going to *love* it.

    I'm delighted to say that this change of ownership will be an extremely positive change for everyone involved.

    The new ROIbot will be everything it is and much more - plus you'll get a great bonus just for ROIbot members (you!).

    We'll keep you posted as events progress.

    All the best,


    Mark Joyner
    CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation
    Founder, ROIbot


    We again wrote them with major concerns of our balance being that the service was undertaking ownership transfer.

    Re-wrote in response on Thursday, 17 Apr 2003

    This letter was specifically information of logged sales files and amounts which we will not post.


    We then write back to them this morning:
    08:53am Monday, 13 May 2003

    Hello Roibot Service,

    It appears that your service has elected to totally avoid our email inquiry about the status of our earnings and future interactive partnership/publisher concerns.

    I am truly amazed that the new ownership service has elected to avoid a valid inquiry that any publisher would have.

    We will begin to immediately remove your service content and warn our viewers of further dealings with your service. I truly apologize that your service has forced us to such a rash decision with the lack of any contact on your end.

    We will also post on the forum board which has over 8,700+ publishers to stay clear of your service.

    I am sorry it has come to this. I truly expected your service to upgrade it's service rather than de-grade itself ... it's a shame.


    No Response (as expected from others not answered)

    We have just finalized full removal of all link affiliation to this service as of minutes ago.
    So ..... In a nutshell ..... Stay clear of this service is you want to make any actual profits from this type of service for referral commissions.

    Other services that they are known to own/operate:

    Ray Thomas CEO
    Development Resource & Javascript Public Archive Center

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    You are much more patient than I.

    Karl Smith
    phillyBurbs - Your Internet Starts Here

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    Well .. the catch was that they did send us 1 check .. guess that was to bait us in to believing that they would honor past & future sales that we continued to deliver.

    Guess it's a "live & learn" thing about being a "nice guy" .. guess it's time to get nasty with all the other services that we encounter any type of problem with. We try to give services the benefit of doubt .. but inevitably .. we screwed ourselves .. so we chalk it up for "lesson learned".

    Ray Thomas CEO
    Development Resource & Javascript Public Archive Center

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    As they say, no good need goes unpunished.

    Karl Smith
    phillyBurbs - Your Internet Starts Here

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    You are one very patient person. I usually start looking for a new merchant once my payment gets delayed by 7 days and after a delay of 15 days I just dump the defaulting merchant notwithstanding their assurances about planned improvements or promises to send check by fedex...

    I'm sure most of the other affiliates here also do the same to limit their losses.

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