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    Is anyone here an affiliate of guitar alliance?
    They are supposed to process checks the 2nd Friday of the month according to affiliate agreement on site. I never received a check in August so towards end of month I sent an email and was told the checks would go out last Friday in August.

    I never received my check the next week so wrote them and they said all checks had gone out and to get back at end of week. I see that my stats have not deducted the payments so that leads me to believe my check was never processed.

    So here's my questions:

    1) Did anyone get a check for August from them?

    2) If you did, were your stats deducted and say PAID rather than NOT PAID?

    3) Is this company reliable?


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    Avoid like the plague!
    I sold hundreds of dollars of product on my website for Kenny Mann of I have been waiting for 5 years now for payment. He won't return my calls, won't answer my emails, and won't send payment for the sales I made on my web site [link removed].
    Avoid this affiliate program like the plague. Sign up and you'll be sorry you did!
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    Wow - resurrecting a FOUR YEAR OLD thread to drop a link takes b*lls.

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    Not so sure if he did it to spam or just to try to get the money owed...but in any case, a thread that's been dead for 4 years can R.I.P.


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