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    Affiliates - The AmeriDollars system is set up where consumers register their credit cards and then can earn cash back on every purchase they make from our partner merchants. As affiliates you receive 10% of the rebates earned by the consumers that you refer to us. This commission is earned any time a customer that you referred to us makes a purchase from any of our participating online or retail merchants. Our affiliate program is a RESIDUAL INCOME program since you make this referral commission EVERY SINGLE MONTH. The more consumers you refer to us, the larger your commission residual will grow. We are one of the only programs where you can also earn affiliate revenue fees for driving people to RETAIL businesses (in addition to online) without requiring any special tracking -- other than their ordinary credit card. There are no cookies placed - once the customer registers, they are yours for life. Check out to get signed up. Or please feel free to leave feedback about the program. Thanks.

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    Prove your assumptions on this MLM type money making venture. The spin is always great. Post here where all the Credit Card companies and their merchant banks allow and authorize your startup firm to tapp into all purchasing records for their credit card holders. Post your banking authorizations to intercept those point of sale transactions to reward members and pay us 10% on the 2% cash back rebate.

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