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    January 18th, 2005
    I jsut recieved a notification that my account was suspended. I couldn't understand why so they wrote back to tell me that there were 7 reqests from teh same ip address within 5 minutes. They accused me of fraud and suspended my account because someone tried to apply for these loans during 5 minutes. Did they bother to look into this at all? No and in fact they accused me of trying to cheat. Furthermore they said that my links didn't go to anywhere so I must be cheating. FAct of the matter is they altered where my links went and were enjoying my free traffic that I sent them.

    Here's what "Chip" had to say:
    >>the other reason you were suspended was because of 7 leads being produced by one IP address within 5 minutes. That is usually a clear sign that someone is trying to pad their stats. For somebody who is trying to get their account reinstated you are sure going about it the wrong way"

    The first reason was he was saying that my links lead to nowhere, yet I was bringing in leads. This after 2 months of bringing them 50 or so leads. How could my links have led nowhere if they had received this many leads?

    I'd say this is about the worst scenario I've run across from an affiliate program in 5 years and I wanted to alert anyone who was thinking of doing business with them to be careful.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Follow up: They reinstated my account after reviewing the information and finding out that there was no fraud involved. Still don't think I want to do business with them now as they didn't handdle things well and they should investigate before accusing someone of fraud.

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    I can understand why a red flag went up. No matter how well you pre-screen affiliates before granting full access to your offers, you still end up with some bad apples. They were right to suspect but not right to pass judgement prior to investigating. Just my 2 cents.

    Rafael Alter

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