I have been looking for a good affiliate program for pet supplies for a couple of years.
Not one had it all.

Petsmart allowed parasites(it is reported) and no cookie but great merchandise.

Petswarehouse had cookies and a good commission rate but hardly any pictures for the merchandise that I wanted to promote. (cant promote blank images)

Other smaller pet supply stores just didnt have the selection of merchandise that I needed.

JB Pet has all the merchandise and all the pictures, they have redone their site and it looks great,(no frames anymore) and a 60 day cookie but they didnt have it set up for direct product linking.:-( After speaking with them last week, they got their programmers to set this up and so now it is possible !

If you are still looking for a pet supply affiliate program, give this one a look. The direct indivdiual product linking codes are not up on the affiliate page yet, but send them an email and they will be able to give them to you.

Only 5% commission, but with a 60 day cookie, I expect it to convert better than petsmart ever did for me. I am absolutely thrilled as I have been hoping for a couple of years that JB would have direct linking capabilities.


My apologies if this message posts more than once, it keeps telling me page not available when I try to post