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    Hello, we're currently looking for affiliates to sell Viagra, Cialis, & Viagra Soft Tablets.

    Our program is different due to do the excellent price, very high affiliate rates, and proffessional look to the site.

    Orders usually take 1-3 days to receive. Free consultation / No hidden fees to scare off buyers. We handle all customer service, and have a private phone line for affiliates to call.

    Affiliates start at %15, those who earn $5,000 in sales in a month, we'll give you 20%, those who earn over $10,000 in sales a month, we'll give you %25.

    More information here:


    please e-mail for any further information

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    January 18th, 2005

    From the sounds of your program, you provide an already-made website for affiliates - you don't ask for the site URL of affiliates either, so probably just an affiliate link with the ID.

    I also looked at your main page. It's been my experience with affiliate programs of this type that those that promote their affiliate program on the main page and emphasize it as much as what they're selling, it turns people off to buy what they're came there looking for in the first place.

    You have "Affiliates" included in your index at the top in big letters, then you have it again at the bottom, and you have it AGAIN in a box at the bottom right.

    Do you want to sell products or just recruit affiliates?

    Just my thoughts, of course... maybe others will have a different opinion.


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