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    I'm looking for some opinions on Quinstreet but there's been very little recently other than messages from KIMarketing and phillyburbs.

    Is this an indication that others are happy with them, or no-one is using them, or.....?


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    The only thing I can tell you about Quinn Street is that I was featuring one of their merchants and doing very well but that merchant stopped their affiliate program which Quinn St. never bothered gtelling me about. I wrote numerous emails to Quinn St. asking for answers but no reply. Finally, I wrote to the merchant who informed me they had stopped the affiliate program. I have since pulled all Quinn St. merchants from my site.

    Good luck!

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    Quinstreet's customer service has always been very poor, and depending on what kind of campaign you were showing, their competitors generally have better payouts, and mroe campaigns for you to show. If you are showing schools, I would recomend

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    From what I know of Quinstreet, they have been around since around 1999 and initially were only focused on education offers. From what I know of their affiliate program, they have very strict branding policies with many of their offers and have many offers have regional restrictions as well. I have not seen many offers that are on a nationwide basis. From what I've heard, you also have to physically sign a contract and they send you the links for you to use, you can not log in anywhere to get them. Now, this could have changed, but that last I knew, this was true. I have actually spoken with a few of their affiliates who have called me to discuss our home improvement programs. Most of the time, they switch and join our program rather than stay with Quinstreet.

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    quinstreet sucks - quinstreet affiliate review
    quinstreet SUCKS plain and simple. avoid it. they don't value any of their affiliates they will cancel your account for no reason.

    thats probably because their stupid company is falling apart anyways, you cant build a business on shitty principles.

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    jacked by sylon
    You do realise this thread is 8 years old don't you?

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