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    Thought I might share a bit on each of the various networks I have dealt with over the last 3-4 years. I am not a big publisher, but am neither a small publisher. Remember too, it's just my take!

    The information might be helpful when people are doing a search.

    ValueClick (I'm talking about the CPA Network here):

    This branch of the (now) large ValueClick empire started out as OnResponse. We believe ValueClick brought out OnResponse. They are primarily a CPA (cost-per-action) network.

    Payouts: Don't appear to be as high as some other networks. Consolidated.
    Checks: No problems here - sometimes the odd delay.
    Support: Will answer support requests, but they can take some time to get there. As Mikey (below) says, Support system is flakey but Renee the AM is helpful (I'll agree here).
    Comments: Website/admin is a bit old/clunky

    This company uses the DirectTrack system (licensed from DirectResponse et al). They have a medium selection of CPA offers - typically a lot of 'survey' type offers.

    Payouts: Seem to be quite good - obviously a smaller margin. Consolidated.
    Checks: Completely reliable. No problems.
    Support: Excellent - always swift and personal responses to emails.
    Comments: The DirectTrack system has good stats and some excellent features.

    Fusionquest (formerly
    A disparate collection of different merchants and offers. Started out quite small but seems to be growing.

    Checks and Payouts: You deal directly with the merchant on this one - who often pay by paypal.
    Comments: Stats system has improved somewhat recently. They have an interesting tracking system; an img with a cookie, and the link has no affiliate codes on it (direct to the merchants site). I believe this prevents link hijacking? Haven't seen this anywhere else, but Clickbank tried in once, but didn't implement properly.

    Thats all for now... more networks to come...

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    Very interesting and informative post. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.

    I am very interested in new affiliate networks
    as I believe that it is best to diversify sources of income.

    Thanks for the information!


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    I always thought Valueclick bought out onresponce. In fact I think they did because I was and still am a ValueClick Publisher for their CPM program and I remember back in the late 90's getting an email about how they aquired onReponce. But I can be wrong.

    And I never trust the VC support system. I always email Renee Rapp even if my problem has nothing to do with the CPA program. If your in VCs CPA program then you should know who Renee is. Shes great and simply the best.

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    Methinks your right. Valueclick is hard to follow because they are a conglomeration of soooo many companies. I'll edit the post.

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