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    This company is relatively new and seems to want publishers that can provide reasonable and quality traffic.

    Payouts: Big. They seem to operate by negotiating individual contracts with merchants and then providing volume.
    Checks: Generally no problems. Once a check didn't appear, but after a few emails, it was sorted out and everything was fine.
    Support: They answer emails!
    Comments: Good reporting system, but sometimes I wonder about the tracking. I tested the same offer between adteractive and LinkShare but got quite different results.... With more conversions through LinkShare. It might be because adteractive issue a popup window themselves when the link is clicked (Don't like this).

    WebSponsors (
    The friend of all 'freebie' sites. These guys have been around forever, and have a large affiliate base. Mostly lead offers.
    Payouts: Real Small! They must have a big margin because their payouts are generally the lowest.
    Checks: No probs
    Support:They seem to go through periods of getting some new affiliate account managers who are really pro-active... but gradually the emails die down. Seems to be an industry pattern

    This company is a collection of various programs and businesses. Here I am talking about what was formerly DirectLeads.

    When I first joined these guys, they were my favorite. A huge amount of offers/programs, reasonable payouts. But gradually they've gone downhill (see my other thread about the $2k that they still owe me). In the beginning, they would even phone me (I live a long way from the US), and talk to me about various programs! It was great. But now, after about 4-5 emails and no response - I no longer promote anything thru them. They also seem to be getting hardly any new programs anymore...

    Payouts: Okay
    Checks: Yes the checks do arrive, but the timing is sporadic. They have possibly the longest payout time in the industry (Net90), and sometimes the checks are late.
    Support: Originally good. Now terrible.

    Hope someone finds this useful.

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    Good info, thanks.


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