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    January 17th, 2005
    Anyone has any experience to share for OfferJunction.

    I joined their network back in May 04, until now, there is no published Terms & Condition. Email query to their account manager in June, was replied with minimum payout $50, Net 30.

    Then when I enquire again end June with regard to the $100++ May commission, I get no reply. Later the payment history on my account have a fineprint stating minimum payout is $200.

    By End July, I email them again to enquire abt the payout for May+Jun (total $390++), I get no reply until now.

    I thought I want to find out experience of other members.

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    OfferJunction Inc.
    16850-112 Collins Ave Suite 428
    Miami, FL 33160

    Do a Yellowpages lookup to get their phone number and then blast them into payout action.
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    Offer Junction No contact..
    Forget about Payment, No Contact Also!!

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