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    CJ, Linkshare, Clickbank etc are definitely affiliate networks worth checking out. They are older more established networks with a proven track record. But there are also younger more innovative affiliate networks offering other affiliates programs besides the boring old debt, mortgage or travel ones. Checked out CPA Empire the other day, they offer a good deal as well as TrafficSynergy who offer exclusive affiliate programs with massive payouts and free signup. Because the younger networks are relatively small, they can give you personalised service and attention. Don’t be in such a hurry to sign up with the larger networks – check out the smaller ones. Traffic Synergy

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    You included a CPA Empire link when you posted this elsewhere.
    We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.
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    You might want to check your spam for cpa empire around here - maybe search on them so you can see them attack users here, lie about their past and present. I still get spam from them or their affiliates.

    But hey, if you have the class of shawn collins, by all means, join up! Then you can just plead ignorance and blame the company you keep.


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    Have you guys heard of LinkConnector? I had a quick phone call this morning with a sales person, and they are coming up pretty strong with a new technology: they don't use affiliate redirect links but place tracking codes on the merchant sites to track the sales. The merchants can approve any sites they want from any given affiliate, but is a sale comes from an unregistered affiliate site, they have the control of not paying commissions on it.

    Any thoughts?

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    could get awkward.

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