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    January 17th, 2005
    Whats better? I cant figure it out.

    1. Per-Click Program (UP TO $1.00/Unique)


    2. Percentage Program (up to 75% + recurring + bonus)

    for full details.

    What I understand #1 just pays you money per free sign ups and no money for people that pay for the service. But if you get 1 person to sign up Vs 300 people you almost get the same amount ( $1 vs $1.5 ) or is the math I'm doing wrong? for the first you get $1, the 2nd $0.60, 3rd would be $.40 ?? so after signing up 10 people in a day you would make aprox $3.20, then each after you would make less per sign up.

    Now from #2, i get that you only make money if people pay for the service. So if someone pays for a month @ $20 you get 35% or $7 and that amount changes if you have a lot of free signups. plus you get a standard .30 cents per free? so in this case if you get 10 people to sign up, thats $3. almost list #1 plus if they pay you get even more....

    what dont i get, why would anyone want to do the #1 program?

    can someone read there site and clear this up?


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    Hi Sam, you're a teensy bit confused. First let me clear up the misunderstanding, then I'll address the question of which is the "better" program.

    The PPC program pays on clicks, not free members. The amount you earn per click is based on how well your clicks convert to free joins. The lower the click-to-join ratio (the fewer the clicks needed to get one join), the more you get paid per click -- up to $1/click.

    The revenue share program works as you described, but the money earned for free members is a *bonus* above the amount you earn on the $ orders generated by your traffic. We offer a per member bonus as part of the revenue share program to better reward affiliates who may send good volume (as sign-ups), but who, because of the type of traffic they send (country of origin, etc.) don't see many $ orders.

    One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, which is the better of our two AFF programs. So, here is the official answer to -- "What's better % or PPC?".

    Of course, there are always a number of factors to consider. But, all things being equal, the primary difference between % and PPC is one of TIMING. With PPC you get your money FASTER, versus over the longer term with %. As to which will pay you out more in the end, it depends on how long you send traffic. The longer you send traffic, the more things tilt in favor of %.

    Hope that helps.

    Jack Mardack
    General Manager of Affiliate Programs
    FriendFinder Inc.
    ICQ: 222141571

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    Welcome to ABW; we need more AMs to be handy here for questions. I may sign up in a few days, but I need to first check the hit history of my relevant pages and see also the terms on the site. (the SEs have not been very friendly this year)

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    Having two options sounds good to the prospective affiliate, however I don't believe you really have a choice after you get started with their program. From what I understand, if your PPC traffic does not convert for friendfinder ASAP you DON'T have a choice of PPC anymore and will automatically get put into the % program. This should make your decision a lot easier!

    Isn't this correct Jack?
    "Merchant with no cookie get no clicky"

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    Help me understand your percentage program:

    Lets say I refer a member who pays monthly ... am I able to earn a percentage each month they pay or is just for the first time?

    Lets say I refer a member that signs up and pays one month and then six months later pays again. Do I earn a percentage from that member at that point?

    Thanks ...

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