I've been confused about the deactivated advertiser report for some time and the new 6.0 format does not make it any easier. Here is what the top of the report says
Below is a list of your advertisers that have been temporarily deactivated from the Commission Junction network. It is important to replace any links from these advertisers, as they will no longer generate commissions from resulting transactions. Advertisers will be listed for the first 90 days of temporary deactivation or until they are reinstated in the network.

  • Now, is it smart to go and delete all the links for a company if they have only been "temporarily deactivated". Isn't that putting a lot of work on the publisher to delete and then put their links back up again?

  • What do all the STATUS remarks mean? What does Active mean (especially if they have been deactivated). I have advertisers who were deactivated over a year ago that still show Active. If they are only listed for 90 days, why should I see ones going back over a year ago?

  • I'm guessing that Advertiser Expired must mean their account expired before they corrected any problem. And then there is Advertiser Declined. What the heck does that one mean?

    Maybe this is clear to everyone else, but I'm having trouble grasping it. Any explainations would be greatly appreciated.


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