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    If somebody told me I could sell love scent pheromones from a fishing site, I'd be rolling on the floor still. Well, pick me up, somebody...not one, but two sales so far...and a 30% commish, too.

    "Where a conversion is no accident, it's a miracle."

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    I've used fish scent on some lures ... caught a few .. might be the same type of sad fisherman ... LMAO!


    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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    Sitting out on a boat in the blazing hot sun. Skipping work all to frequently to hold a real job. Knows more about baiting a hook than hooking a girl.

    Yeah that's a good audience to sell a bogus scent spray to.

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    I have tried the 'love scent pheromones' on some other 'fishy' smelling bait, using a #4 treble hook in a few local ponds and have managed to catch a 9 lb. catfish and a 3.5 lb. pike with this recipe. I do believe that even fish believe in 'love' at first bite.

    If we don't get some kool rules ourselves...... pronto........ then we'll just be bogus too.. ~Jeff Spicoli~

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    WOW … I’ll try in farm site! Anyone know pheromones that are offered worldwide? Hope that I can stimulate more meat over the world.


    Don’t ask why the ball doesn’t come.

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