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    My payment status keeps saying that there is nothing to pay for March, even though I've more than surpassed the minimum check amount.

    When I can reasonably expect the payment status to actually give me an update?

    Thanks. - The Internet's Fitness Resource

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    Maybe after you put an < / a > after the Site Information" then someone can Submit a URL.

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    I just checked the links on the home page and it works. If your encountering a specific problem, please let me know. - The Internet's Fitness Resource

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    Just because trxns have been locked doesn't mean it is payday. (The payment info for Feb is what you are still seeing in the payment status box.)

    The status will change in a few days time after the performance incentives are applied from 2 months ago. The status will change to "being processed" and then a few days later to "approved". Payouts for March then begin on the 20th. If you have Direct Deposit you only wait a day or two, otherwise the it's the old "the cheques in the mail".

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