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    I am frustrated. I have used these new product catalog 1 links, and now I can't see what the product is in the performance or transaction reports! Is there a way to see what product link actually got clicked on, using the performance reports? The reports are only showing "Product Catalog1", and the url destination is alwaysto the home page of the merchant. How am I suppose to tell what products are being clicked on at my site? I have many product links. The old product links would show up in the reports, and I could see what product it was. Now I can't!

    Big Chuck
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    And... It took you this long to get frustrated ?

    There is NO way for us to tell what product was clicked on, what was sold, or even a get a clue as to what page the click originated from .

    Sucks, doesn't it ?

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    Big Chuck, you don't need those reports!

    That's right, you don't need them because CJ says you don't need them!!

    They eliminated the individual product link info in a previous update, which leaves all of the old product links still in use showing up as "Expired," although they are supposed to still work...or so CJ says they will.

    With the nifty new and "improved" "Product Catalog 1" you don't have a clue which product links are being clicked nor do you have any idea which products are performing well in the "catalog".

    This is my current pet peeve with CJ right now, as I believe this set up gives dishonest merchants the ability to hide poorly performing products, and they can make changes in landing pages unknown to publishers. The only way to verify if a product link is going to the correct page is to click on it from your site, which ruins your EPC.

    Yessiree, CJ must think we're all too stupid to figure out that this isn't a good thing for publishers. Now there's no chargeback data. We don't need that, either. Stupid, that's what CJ thinks we are.


    MERCHANTS! Ask yourselves: "What's in my affiliate program that makes it worthwhile to publishers?" Hint: if you have one day cookies, or if the cookie is deleted after the first sale, or if you reverse legitimate transactions, you have nothing to offer.

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    Andy, I agree big time. This product catalog crap, together with the removal of reversal stats is just a way for CJ to hang on to dud merchants subscriptions longer.

    Andy Williams

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