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    Here's a suggestion for CJ ...

    Advertisers who cannot achieve EPC of at least 1/2 their industry average should be required to pay that EPC (ie 1/2 the average) as a minimum to their publishers.

    I dumped several low earners early this year. Some of them really whined about it, but I'm not running a charity operation. If they had a mechanism for paying me, via the network, a sustainable minimum, we might still be working together. The advertiser would win, CJ would win, I would win.

    And before you go knocking PPC take a look at Overture, Inktomi Trusted Feed, Findwhat, Looksmart, etc., etc. Overture is now earning a minimum of 10 cents per click ... many bids are much higher.

    Some of the same merchants I had to dump because I was earning less than 2 cents per click could be found on Overture paying 25 cents per click. So go figure!

    If there's concerns about the quality of traffic the publisher is sourcing, then CJ should be able to use that publisher's overall EPC performance as a modifier to the EPC minimum the advertiser should pay.

    So how about it Todd?

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