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    January 17th, 2005
    How refreshing to find room for Australians.
    Please excuse my ignorance because at this stage all this affiliate stuff is completely new to me
    Just thought I would like to make my first post in the australian section. Oh yeah, I am an aussie in 3185
    I have been using PPC with fabulous and a few others for about a year
    Applied for Dark Blue's affilate . Still waiting.
    Big fan of DBS. Just wish their shares on the ASX would rise.
    Got 500 domains to play with. A few expensive 3 letter dot coms and a few generic single word dot coms.
    Been encouraged by an ISP mate to try affiliates.
    My HTML skills are dreadful so i have never tried it before.
    Right now I am looking for an affiliate that would suit a Rock Music/Rock Bands site.
    Telstra seem to be making a quid at selling music
    Maybe I should just try posters or memorabilia.
    Any advice on where on this site I can find a company that does rock music related mercandise
    Still getting the hang of the acronyms used here so treat me gently please

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    January 18th, 2005
    G'day fellow Aussie. 500 domains is a lot of toys...

    I learnt a bit of html but mainly use a webeditor to do my work. I'm using Namo - a slightly cheaper version of's worked well for me so far.

    HMV has an affiliate program going...check out commissionmonster for other Oz based programs. Telstra has a wee bit more clout than us I'm afraid, people WANT to advertise with them. Allposters is pretty good for posters and there are others that will sell in AUD - commissionmonster used to have one that was primarily Oz-based but I think their range was much smaller than Allposters.

    Good luck,
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