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    January 17th, 2005
    Last night I went and under accnt changed my website that was listed to another. I am just wondering if that is ok to do. I emailed Performics days ago with no answer about it. I changed the url from my game section to my shopping section.

    The reason I ask is becuase I just checked my stats and they are way off for all the merchants. Impressions are about 1/10 of what they should be and I am only showing 1 clickthrough which is also way off. I am showing a sale however for that one clickthrough.

    Could by me changing the url in my accnt have anything to do with this. Am I allowed to change the original url in my accnt? Also is everyone elses stats off too today? Thanks for any input. <IMG src=>

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    January 17th, 2005
    I don't know about the URL change issue, but at a first glance, stats for today seem definitely hosed... but I haven't checked my logs yet so I can't be sure.

    Without cross-referencing the logs all I can tell you so far is that my impressions, hits, and sales are about 1/4 what they normally are. Could be a traffic issue, I'll let you know after I check my logs.

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    hrmmm... my traffic looks about normal, nothing close to what is showing at Performics... on the other hand, a handful of sites that are my top performers at performics were down all weekend/part of today and I'm not sure when they came back up -- that could be a part of the stats problem.

    Sorry, nothing conclusive here, but it does bear watching over the next few days.

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