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    January 17th, 2005
    I have a merchant on Performics, who started doing lots of reversals recently. The was they do it, is very weird -- orders first showed up in my report, but disappeared the next day. Anyone had the same kind of problems? How does Performics handle reversals?

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    January 17th, 2005
    That's strange. My reversals are all shown as "(0.00) - cancelled", and usually from sales previously tagged with the "GRD" status.

    However, I have also noticed that the dates of these GRD transactions could be "shifted" after updates. For example, say you first noticed a particular sale on the 15th, come back a day later, and you might note that there was no such sale on the 15th anymore, as it has in fact been shifted to the 16th.

    I was only able to note such "updates" for one particular merchant of mine, as I keep track of every single sale of this merchant daily. Could be the same scenario as in your case.

    Just me 2 to check with Performics yourself.

    BTW, WebSurfer, do you also get those 0.00 sales at Perf too? Seems like the CJ bug has infected Perf as well.


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