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    There was a post elsewhere about this. 500 unique per day, have many signed up with less than that?
    I'd really like to switch to another program to replace BF I am getting away from but I dont see that many a day to even qualify. I am sure there are lots of sites who can reach the 500 and throw a few banners up for the sake of having something on their pages. But would a lesser traffic site with more emphasis on actually making a sale be more beneficial.

    Thoughts, suggestions about this anyone?

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    yeah - me. The site I used gets way less than 500 uniques a day. I have a heavily trafficked c*ontent site but I've pretty much left it as-is since 1997 and it looks it. I decided to use a site that was primarily affiliate sales that performs very well for the amount of traffic it gets, figuring they are more concerned with how well their clients will be presented than how much traffic a single domain gets.

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